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Berry Kombucha “Fauxito” Mocktail

With sweet-tart berries, notes of floral hibiscus and Mojito influences of mint and lime, this bubbly kombucha-based mocktail is a refreshing summer sipper. It uses unrefined Demerara sugar rather than white for its richness and molasses-like finish, sure to quench your thirst as the weather warms up. “If using berries that are more sour than …

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Add Some Fizz to Your Summer with Fermentation

There is a lacto-fermentation craze afoot. The superstar of the FIY (ferment-it-yourself) movement is kombucha, a fizzy tea-based drink that refreshes as much as it maintains your gut bacteria healthy and happy. Because it’s so good for digestion, proponents of kombucha recommend drinking it every day to make it a part of your body’s routine. …

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