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Rene Ricard

Rene Ricard embodied a diversity of roles throughout his life as a poet, actor, art critic, and painter. His contributions to the world spanned across various artistic disciplines, illuminating the cultural landscapes with his unique and profound perspectives.

Rene Ricard, born on this day July 23, 1946 in Boston, Massachusetts, was a prolific poet known for his vivid imagery and introspective depth. His poetry, often characterized by its raw emotion and striking honesty, resonated deeply with readers and established Ricard as a significant voice in the contemporary literary world. His works were not only celebrated for their literary merit but also for their ability to expose and examine the intricacies of the human condition.

However, Ricard’s talents were not confined to the realm of poetry. As an actor, he graced the screen with his charismatic presence and compelling performances. His roles in films like Chelsea Girls and Kitchen showcased his ability to immerse himself into various characters, bringing them to life with an authenticity that was deeply engaging. His work in cinema was an extension of his creative expression, offering another medium through which he could communicate his complex insights and ideas.

In addition to poetry and acting, Ricard also made significant contributions as an art critic. His sharp intellect and keen insight into the world of art made him an influential figure in contemporary art criticism. His writings often challenged conventional perspectives and prompted stimulating discussions about the nature of art and its role in society.

The fourth facet of Ricard’s genius was his work as a painter. His paintings, much like his poetry, were vibrant displays of emotion and introspection. His use of color, texture, and form created compelling visual narratives that reflected his unique artistic vision.

Rene Ricard’s diverse talents made him a pivotal figure in the world of arts. His ability to excel across various disciplines serves as a testament to his creative genius. Through his poetry, acting, art criticism, and painting, he left a mark on the cultural landscape, enriching it with his profound insights and innovative perspectives. Rene Ricard was indeed a multi-faceted creative whose work continues to inspire artists and audiences alike.

All Day

So this is reality too, come in
and now you’re here, all swept
up for you the floor shiny
and our wonderful pal, the
antelope clatters its little hooves
on the floor to eat from your
hand, all the pictures
you love on the walls and
your favorite books read
themselves aloud, and you
can leave if you want to, just
turn the page or have the kids
come over for cake, little Louie
from downstairs, he likes you
so much he brings his friends
too, the twelve year old girl,
She loves it here we give her
shiny hair and crackling
petticoats. It’s always
just after school and
just before supper. The
flower in the flowerpot smiles
all day in the sunshine
and waves its little
leaves when you come home. Such
a bright yellow floor and
such a big cozy bed
It says Hey Get Up or
You’ve got a temperature or
Stay here with me
let’s watch TV all day.
Sometimes there’s a moon
when we’re alone but
like always the grinning
kind that hangs from a
thin wire. Oh yeah, the
stars have five neat points
The coffee pot giggles and
the dishes wash themselves with
their little rubber gloves
squeaking and laughing.
You have that effect on things
and even the bathroom,
so often left out of things,
is happy, when you’re

Oct 25
       1978  RR

-Rene Ricard

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