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Planting a Wildflower Meadow

I have a friend who is lucky enough to have a small field attached to her property. Once her old pony sadly died last year, she no longer wanted to use the field for grazing but decided she would like to turn it into a wildflower meadow. Many of our truly wild meadows are fast …

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Wildflowers: One Reason to Visit Yellowstone

People visit Yellowstone for a big dose of nature – Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, the bison, a chance to see a grizzly – all the familiar, tourist attraction, postcard stuff. And while all of these things are a pretty good reason to visit the area, there is one dose of nature that passes largely …

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How to Create a Wildflower Garden

In today’s gardens often populated by geraniums, roses, and zinnias, wildflowers can provide a simple and graceful flair. Almost any garden or landscape can be beautified by their presence. Not only are wildflowers easy to grow but they possess a natural resistance to pests, disease, and harsh climates. They can survive in clay soil, nutrient …

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