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Gardening for Beginners: What Are Annuals?

What are annuals? Annuals, in the world of gardening, refer to the plants (usually very colorful flowers) that you plant once in the Spring and they die before Winter. They are called “annuals” because they live for one gardening year only. There are several things you need to know about annuals. The components that make …

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Seven Easy Annuals For Beginner Gardeners

You can almost guarantee that a first time gardener will have success with these annuals. The definition of an annual is that it completes its life cycle in one season. It will not come back the next year. All of the plants listed here are drought tolerant and pest free. This makes them true winners …

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Through the Garden Gate With the Queen of Annuals

“The Sweet Pea has a keel that was meant to seek all shores; it has wings that were meant to fly across all continents; it has a standard which is friendly to all nations; and it has a fragrance like the universal gospel, yea, a sweet prophecy of welcome everywhere that has been abundantly fulfilled” …

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