Guide to Raising Rabbits: How to Have Happy Bunnies

Rabbit hutch with outdoor enclosure in the countryside | Ralf Urner

Raising a rabbit is a joyful and rewarding experience. They are tame creatures but they can be playful at times, too. However, caring for a rabbit takes a lot of effort and work, so this guide to raising rabbits should help you remember a few tips, especially if you are a newbie with rabbits.

Adequate Shelter

When taking care of a rabbit, make sure that you build a safe and clean house for it. Aside from keeping it clean all the time, a rabbit likes to have space to move around. The number one guide to raising rabbits and making a house for them is to keep it suitable for living in every weather condition. Use a waterproof roof for use during rain and snow. At the same time, don’t let your rabbit die from heat stroke by keeping the house in a cool shed during hot and humid days. Whether you are going to make your own rabbit hutch or if you plan to buy one, pick the hutch that has two rooms. The first room should have wires for windows, and the second room is a closed, private space for the rabbits to sleep in. Make sure to put a secure lock to keep the rabbit in.

Rabbit in the hutch | Sindii

Room for Play

Rabbits are naturally playful animals, so you should not deny them of exercise time. Any guide to raising rabbits would tell you to give them enough exercise. A rabbit run is the best way to give them the activity that they need without letting them escape. You can put this inside their hutch, but if you can’t do that, put it in the garden instead. Make sure it is spacious enough so that they can run around, but keep it safe and secure so that your rabbits would not run away. Just like their hutches, keep it in a cool shade during hot weather and place water near it so that they can drink and refresh themselves.

Clean Environment

Here’s a sure guide to raising rabbits into happy bunnies: clean their houses regularly. Observe where they shed their waste and place a newspaper in that area, so that you just have to remove it daily. Change the food of your rabbit daily, and make sure to clean excess and scattered food everyday. Make it a habit to clean the hutch everyday to prevent it from smelling and to keep your rabbit healthy, happy and clean.

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