International Polar Bear Day

February 27th is International Polar Bear Day, a time to consider the challenges polar bears face because of global warming. The polar bear is the largest bear on earth, yet these majestic creatures are currently in a vulnerable status due to melting ice caused by climate change. For more facts about polar bears and to learn how you can help, visit Polar Bears International and WWF.

Polar bear mother and cub along ice floe in arctic ocean above Norway’s Svalbard islands

The Polar Bear

Surfaces from under ice,
Glides to the icy shore.
Everything here is white.
Absence of all color.

Tests the crust of ice
With his paw, breaking
The edges away, once, twice;
And then begins hauling

Himself out of the water,
Shedding chunks of ice.
Stands and shakes the water
From his fur in white

Light. Leaves a track
Anyone can follow.
Here the only thing dark
Is death. Dark and brittle.

-William Virgil Davis

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