Happy Thanksgiving

Many people have come to the belief that Thanksgiving is a holiday about food. I mean, what do we really celebrate on the day? We gather as a family, or with friends, and sit around a gigantic bird that is slathered in grease and stuffed with bread crumbs and we say thanks before devouring the poor beast.

It is one of those holidays that seems to not be about much but we still celebrate it; probably because it is a day off from work or school. It is such a strange holiday that it even falls in two separate months, November for Americans and October for Canadians. Obviously it isn’t that important and it just seems to be the reminder that Christmas will soon be upon us, right?

The answer is no, it is very important and on our site we offer all of the reasons that makes Thanksgiving amazing. It may not come with all the presents of Christmas or the fireworks of the 4th of July but it comes with its own quiet determination to bring family and friends together.

It is the holiday that is held in the golden warmth of autumn, trees filled with orange and red, the cool crisp evenings bringing the scents of autumn combined with the turkey roasting in the oven. Families gather, laugh and enjoy a day where all the expectations are on being thankful. There is no need for all the extras that many holidays bring and all you need is good food to ring in Thanksgiving in style.

Families gather to watch or even play football and conversation is always flowing as everyone waits for the meal. Okay, it may not be too quiet but it is a time to relax and to build special memories with your family.

We hope you enjoy the quiet that illustrates the beauty of Thanksgiving so completely. And hope you enjoy our helpful tips for celebrating your favorite holidays, interesting facts about holidays, and ways to decorate without breaking the bank.

We look at Thanksgiving and make it a holiday that everyone will look forward to every year, not because it is a day off but because we can enjoy a day with family and friends.

So please, come and read for a while and find the warmth of a Thanksgiving holiday.

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