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Using Lavender for Serenity and Health

Lavandula, commonly known as lavender, is having a moment. Lavender lattes are showing up on the hippest coffee shop menus all over the world, and with reason. The plant renowned for perfuming the southern French countryside and relaxing millions of people worldwide is easy to find and easy to grow, provided you have the right …

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How to Learn Anything with Focused Practice

In June, it feels that summer will last forever. The next few months stretch out in front of us and as the weather heats up and plants burgeon in gardens and in the wild, a feeling of possibility closes around us. The days are longer, kids are out of school, and we remember that we …

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Art and Vegetables for Everyone at Tomato Art Fest

the tomato,star of earth, recurrentand fertilestar,displaysits convolutions,its canals,its remarkable amplitudeand abundance,no pit,no husk,no leaves or thorns,the tomato offersits giftof fiery colorand cool completeness. -from Ode to Tomatoes, Pablo Neruda Neruda understood the suggestive majesty of the tomato, that culinary conundrum – both a fruit and a vegetable!, omnipresent and visually intriguing, memorialized as much on Warhol’s soup can as …

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Spend a Weekend at Pickathon

Every summer for the past twenty-plus years, music-lovers have flocked to an 80-acre farm outside of Portland, Oregon to attend an event called Pickathon. The three-day-long festival takes place from August 2rd through 4th this year, and this year, the lineup is huge: 65 bands, including Sudan Archives and Damien Jurado, will play at least six uniquely constructed stages, delighting …

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