Aquarium Life: Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo Moss Ball

To further my pursuit of creating a planted aquarium, I got this cute little Marimo Moss Ball that I just easily dropped into the tank.  Despite their name, they are not actually moss, but more closely related to algae.

My daughter thought this plant was so cute that she got me to buy several more!  The instructions that came with them said to first submerse them in water, then to gently squeeze them out if brown or dirty, and finally to place them in the tank. 

Benefits of Marimo Moss Balls

Like many plants, Marimo are excellent at removing harmful nitrates that can kill fish.  Their spongy shape also acts as a filter for phosphates and particulates, which algae love to feed on.  This helps to keep the algae off of your aquarium glass.  These are also wonderful plants for a new aquarium because they can handle the high pH levels that many new tanks have.

These are very hardy and resistant to most aquarium creatures.  Typically snails and fish won’t eat them, and are unable to even if they try.  However, goldfish will eat them.

Marimo Moss Ball Care

Marimos like cool locations with low to medium lighting.  If they start turning brown, that usually means that they are getting too much sun and should be moved to a darker, cooler location.

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