Tips On Converting Your Garage To A New Living Space

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Evaluate Your Space

It is important to evaluate your garage and determine what type of space you want to create. If you want to design an office space, determine if you need more outlets for desktop computers, printers and telephones or modem. If you want to create a living room, think about adding windows to give you more natural lighting for reading and watching TV. Think about the lighting in your garage and if you want overhead lighting or use just desk or end table lamps.

Making sure that you evaluate your garage space can allow you to avoid problems in the future. If you are unsure about what you need, consult a professional that can help you to design the perfect space for you.

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In converting your garage space, you may want to think about the climate in the area where you live. If you live in a true four season climate or a colder climate in the winter, you may want to think about adding a layer of insulation to your walls. Insulation will allow your garage/new space to be energy efficient and reduce heat and cooling costs. If you have two walls that are open to the elements, you have consider adding insulation. If you have experience or are handy, you should be able to do it yourself, if not, consult a professional.


It is a requirement to have proper ventilation in your new space. You may want to think about adding a side door or windows to allow you to open up your space.

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Your garage probably has an existing garage door. Decide if you would like to keep the garage door. It may be less expensive to do so. If you want to keep the door, consider a glass garage door. Choose one with opaque window panels if you want more privacy or clear glass if you have great views and to allow more natural light into your space. If you go with a clear glass garage door, you can choose a glass tint or large window shades for privacy.

Having a garage door is great in for the summer because you can open up your new living space to the outside. It gives your room a new look when the door is open. You also might consider a manual retractable garage door screen or a motorized garage screen door. They allow the natural light to come in and maintains your views, while keeping bugs and insects out of your living space.


Paint is one way to transform a space without spending a lot of money. With the vast array of colors available, you can pick something bright and wild or something subtle and subdued. A splash of color will allow you to make a definite statement. When choosing a color, remember the paint color will set the tone for your space and give a personal and unique feel. When thinking of colors, use brighter colors if you want a smaller space to appear larger. Consider collecting some sample colors and see how they will match or complement your décor. Remember that deeper or brighter tones are great for accents in your new living space.

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Think about the type of flooring you would like to show off your space. Most garages have a cement floor, so many types of flooring can be used. Laminate hardwood flooring is easy to clean and gives your new space a warm rich feel. If you live in a colder climate, carpeting may be a good choice. When selecting carpeting, determine if your area will be a high traffic zone. If this is the case, consider a Berber carpet because they look good and are designed to be wear-resistant.

If you live in an area that has a medium climate, consider laminate flooring with rugs. The rugs will allow you to keep your feet warm during the fall and winter.

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This is the fun part – decorating. Pick pieces that will accentuate your space. If your space is small, do not clutter it with a lot of furniture or knickknacks. Think about keeping the space simple and it will speak for itself.

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