The Haunted Places of St Augustine, Florida

There are many haunted places in St. Augustine, Florida. This city is often referred to as the “Ancient City” or as “The Nation’s Oldest City”. There is good reason too! This is, in all actuality, is the oldest city in the United States of America. In the year of 1565, a man by the name of “Pedro Menendez de Aviles” actually took the part of founding this city, even though he was not the first individual to step foot upon the land. The first documented case of a visitor was the ever-popular “Ponce de Leon”. In this informative guide, I will share with you the stories of the haunted places in St. Augustine, Florida.

Canons at Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine, Florida

Castillo de San Marcos

The Castillo de San Marcos is often termed by locals as “The Old Fort”. This immense, star shaped structure sits on the Bay of the Matanzas. It is considered the “National Monument” of the city of St. Augustine. This fort has stood in the same place for over three hundred years, and is known for hauntings, and unexplained phenomenon. It is very common for visitors here to catch ghost pictures, and ghost videos. One of the most common sightings are the “orbs” that seem to surround the fort. As the city darkens, and individuals return to their homes and hotels, this particular structure seems to wake up – wake up the spirits that is.

In the year of 1784, an unfriendly, harsh colonel by the name of “Marti” came to perform work at the fort. He was not at all happy about his new assignment. He and his wife, Dolores, had come all the way from Spain to live and work at the fort. There was quite an age difference between him and his wife, and while he did love her, he rarely showed her. Dolores was quite unhappy about this and eventually ran into a man stationed at the Castillo de San Marcos by the name of “Manuel Abela”, a Captain. Eventually, Manuel and Dolores fell in love.

The couple was able to enjoy their love for some time, until the dire meeting in which Colonel Marti got the first indication that his wife was having an affair with the young Captain. The two officers had a standard meeting, and when the meeting ended, the young Captain strolled past the Colonel and the Colonel was able to catch a small sniff of Orange Blossoms. This scent was one that he often associated with his wife. He decided to wait and see what happened, but then he began to hear about rumors of the two seeing each other.

The Colonel was ready for revenge. One day, he had the Captain ordered to perform an inspection of an area that he had manipulated for his revenge. The Captain did as he was ordered, but he brought Dolores along so that they could spend time together. When they arrived, they were surprised by the Colonel, who held them at gun point. The Colonel had shackles put into the wall and he made his wife put the Captain in them. Then, he put the other set of shackles on Dolores and as they laid attached to the wall, crying, and screaming for help, he built a wall up around the area and closed them in the darkness….

For approximately two hundred years, many individuals reported hearing what appeared to be crying and mournful moans from deep in the fort. The scent of Orange Blossoms also often seemed to float in the air, and this could not be explained either. However, no one could ever find anything. That is, until the 21st day of July in the year of 1833, a cannon actually cracked a floor. When this happened, the depths of the fort were exposed. Upon investigation, the room in which the lovers had been placed was exposed and the skeletons were found, holding each other. A huge breeze came from the room, as well as the scent of Orange Blossoms. It is believed that Dolores and her lover still roam the fort, and the land, enjoying their love in the spiritual world….

You can also experience the ghosts of a woman in white who wanders around in various places both inside and outside the fort, and then vanishes. Spanish soldiers that appear to be so real that the living has talked to them also appear at the fort. You can often hear sounds of commands and war occurring – especially if you push your ear up against the coquina that the Castillo de San Marcos is composed of. There are many ghosts and unexplained phenomenon at this haunted place in St. Augustine.

The Huguenot Cemetery

The Huguenot Cemetery is another haunted place in St. Augustine. This was built in the year of 1821 to provide additional space for individuals that passed away due to yellow fever, and also to have an area to bury the dead that were not considered to be Catholic in life. Today, there are many stories surrounding ghosts that seem to reside in the haunted cemetery. These spirits include that of Judge John B. Stickney, children moving about and even sitting on the tombstones, a story of a young girl who loves to dance named Elisabeth, and even the spirits of a few pranksters who all died at nearly the same time and are buried next to each other….

St. Augustine Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is another haunted place in this ancient city. Throughout the history of this location, individuals have passed on from the physical life to the spiritual world in many different ways. It is believed that the spirits of individuals who have died at sea follow the path of the light and end up on the grounds of the lighthouse. There is also a man that appears to be in a mist that is gray that has been caught by television stations walking around. There are also several little kids that seem to linger here as spirits – all of them females. Many have experienced seeing an apparition of a man hanging himself on stormy nights….


This guide lists the most popular haunted locations in St. Augustine, but there are several more, which include:

  • The Old Spanish Hospital
  • Harry’ Seafood Bar and Grille
  • St. Francis Inn
  • Flagler College
  • Casa de la Paz
  • Casa Monica Hotel
  • The Old Jail
  • The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

If you are interested in haunted places, the haunted places in St. Augustine, Florida are sure to draw your interest!

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Source: Jodi Roberts

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