Spa in the Garden: Growing Fragrant Plants

The use of aromatic herbs and plants for medicinal purpose dates back to the early Egyptian era. Romans and Greeks also constructed aromatic gardens in the early years for their timeless beauty and fragrance. Aromatherapy is quite effective and popular to date and people do not mind spending money for the therapeutic effects of fragrant herbs, flowers and essential oils.

Scented plants have the potential of relaxing and soothing the senses. They have a calming effect and are also said to have a lot of other health benefits. You can grow herbs, flowers and other aromatic plants in your garden to experience the pleasures of aromatherapy. The scent of certain herbs and flowers acts as an anti- depressant and it is also believed to stimulate the brain functions. If you grow such plants in your home you will just have to step into the garden to get rejuvenated instantly.

Some of the herbs and plants that can be grown in a home garden to serve the purpose of aromatherapy are-


Lavender is probably the most extensively used flowering plant for aromatherapy that is being grown commercially since ages. The flowers produced by this plant have a sweet fragrance and the oil extracted from this plant provides remedy for ailments like anxiety, insomnia and headaches.


Jasmine is a common house plant that produces tiny white fragrant flowers. It is also used in making perfumes and incense. The essential oils are extracted for use in aromatherapy and therapeutic massages.


Chamomile bears fragrant flowers that resemble daisies. Chamomile possesses the quality to induce sleep which is why it is also used in treatments. The plant is also said to reduce stress.


Basil is an aromatic herb that has culinary uses apart from aromatic properties. Basil can be grown outdoors and also in pots or containers. They can be adorned on the border of flower beds to make them look vibrant and green. You can even snip in some basil from the garden whenever you want to use it in cooking.


Lemongrass is a type of perennial grass that has a subtle citrus like scent. It is lavishly used in Asian cuisine. Lemongrass is considered to be an insect repellant and it can be a wonderful addition to your aromatic garden.


Roses are undeniably the most exquisite variety of flowers that come in many beautiful colors. They will not only add to the beauty of your garden but will also add a pleasing fragrance to the atmosphere.

These are some of the herbs and plants that can elevate your mood, if grown in the home garden. You can also try growing Thyme, Rosemary, Mint, Geranium, Gardenia, Iris, Hyacinth and Lilac. All these plants have a wonderful scent that can transform your garden into a spa like place. You can find many other fragrant plants and herbs in nurseries that can serve the purpose of creating an aromatic garden.

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Source: Nupur Anshulika

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