How To Make Pillow Covers

Whether you’ve got long-standing arts and crafts skills or not, a fun way to add your own touch to baby’s nursery decor is through some DIY decorating. Making your own pillows can add color and texture into a room while also letting you take control of fabrics. Envelope pillow covers are especially useful because you can instantly change the look of a room with a new cover. Learn how to make a standard envelope pillow cover with our 5 step guide.

1. Wash the fabric: Because unwashed sewn fabric can shrink or rip when you put it in the washer and dryer later on, you should wash the fabric you choose beforehand.

2. Measure the pillow: Take measuring tape and stretch it across the curve of the pillow. Once you have your measurements, add a quarter to a half inch on each measurement to ensure that you have extra fabric. It’s always better to have extra fabric left over than not enough!

3. Cut the fabric: Cut the main panel fabric to match the previous measurement of length. Add a half to one inch to the height and width. Cut another two pieces (small panels) that are roughly your length minus about 6 inches and the same height.

4. Sewing: Place your main panel fabric right side up and place one of the small panels the opposite side up at the edge of the large panel. Once these are placed, pin down each side about 1 ½ inches in.

As for hemming, place the cloth with the right side down on the ironing board. On the outer edge of each small panel (one first, then the other), fold the fabric 1 inch so you can see a small strip of the right side. Start ironing!

Once you finish pressing the fabric neatly on, sew these sides up using a 1/2 inch seam allowance and lay the fabric the right side down and iron the inside seams. Flip the fabric over again and fold over each small panel and iron thoroughly again.

5. Final Touches: Once you pin the top and bottom of the fabric about 1-2 inches from the edge, sew the top and bottom seams with the same 1/2 inch seam allowance at each end of the fabric. Cut each corner diagonally across so that each edge will no longer be a square. Finally, push out the corners and place your pillow inside its new cover!

Match baby’s crib bedding with your new DIY pillows!

List of Materials:

-Measuring tape
-Sewing machine

Source: Kait Olcorr

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