Happy Trails

A hiking trail along the Big Sur coast in California | William Silver

Happy National Trails Day!

National Trails Day, celebrated on the first Saturday of June, is a time to appreciate the natural beauty of our trails, and a time for people and businesses to clean up and advocate to protect our trails. Many of America’s best trails reside in the National Parks and protected lands.

If you’re looking for a great hiking adventure, then consider walking one of these amazing trails.

🌲 Adventure in the Grand Canyon: Rim to River to Rim Hike

🌲 Adventures in Los Angeles: Hiking at Bear Creek

🌲 Dream Trek: Siskiyou Wilderness 5-Day Inn-to-Inn Hike

🌲 An Adventure of Geological Wonder and Desert Mountain Splendor: The Tom’s Thumb Trail Hike, Arizona

🌲 Getting Fit For Your Vancouver Island West Coast Trail Hike

🌲 Big Sur Beaches Have Character

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