February 25th Birthday Love: Sibylle Baier

Sibylle Baier | Orange Twin Records

Folk singer and songwriter Sibylle Baier was born on February 25, 1955 in Germany.  There, Baier recorded her music between the years 1970 and 1973 on a reel to reel, after being inspired to write her first song “Remember The Day” on a road trip through the Alps.  The taped recordings were shared with a few friends, including filmmaker Wim Wenders, and then tucked away into her attic while Baier went on to focus on her family.

The songs didn’t see the light of day until over thirty years later, when her son, Robby, discovered them and made cassettes of the songs to give to family members as gifts.  He also passed a recording on to
J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, who sent the tapes to the Orange Twin record label.  In 2006, Orange Twin Records released Sibylle Baier’s album, Colour Green.

The sweet, rainy-day vocals backed by a single guitar are reminiscent of early Leonard Cohen.

Here is “Tonight” from Colour Green.

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