Different Types of Perennial Plants for Your Garden

Colorful daisy (Bellis perennis) | Roman Sigaev

Perennial plants are very diverse and come in endless varieties. They can suit any kind of landscape and garden design if planted well. They can meet your requirements and make the garden lively and vibrant with flowering or non- flowering varieties.

It is advisable to plant different kind of perennial plants in garden for a great contrast. Plants with different colors and textures will help to attain the desired effect. Plants that bloom at different times of the year will ensure that your garden remains active in most of the seasons. Many perennials are evergreen in nature as there foliage remains green throughout the year. Perennial plants have endless varieties and they can be a noticeable addition to any garden.

Some of the common types of perennial plants that can be grown in home gardens are-

Flowering Perennials

These plants bloom every year during spring or summer season and then they die back to re-appear next year. Some of the plants even flower during late summer or fall season so you can select them according to their flowering pattern. Some of the most sought after flowering perennials are Daylilies, Black Eyed Susan, Tulips, Daffodil, Coneflower, Chrysanthemums, Clematis and Sedum. They can be propagated by the method of division.

Daffodils in the Spring Sun

Non- Flowering Perennials

Non flowering perennial plants do not produce flowers and they reproduce through spores, vegetative parts or seeds. Even though they do not bear flowers, they have striking foliage that sets them apart. Ferns, Hosta, Ivy and Lamb’s Ear are common non- flowering perennials.



Many ornamental grasses are also perennial in nature and they can be a beautiful addition to any garden. Ornamental grasses can be grown in bog gardens or wild gardens. They grow in clumps and can cover the area rapidly. Some of the common ornamental grasses for home garden are Blue fescue, Pampas grass, Reed grass, Fountain grass and Maiden grass.

Maiden Grass


Groundcover plants are great for bare areas or shady locations. Such plants spread rapidly covering the ground with dense foliage. Groundcover plants also help in reducing the growth of unwanted weeds. They come in many textures and hues. Some of the common perennial groundcovers include English Ivy, Vinca Minor, Irish Moss, Blue Star Creeper and Sedum.

English Ivy

These are some of the many perennial plants that can be grown in home gardens. Their versatility makes them ideal for any landscape. Perennial plants can be planted in flower beds, borders, backgrounds or even containers.

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Source: Nupur Anshulika

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