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Plants for April

April and spring is well underway. Renewed warmth in the sun means there is a wealth of choice of plants for your garden. Here are a few of my favourites, along with varieties and how to care for them. The month of April is synonymous with the tulip. In the past gardeners have tended to …

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Popular Bulbs and How to Plant Them

From early snowdrops to showy dahlias, many of our favourite garden flowers are bulbs. Here is a short guide to some of our most popular bulbs, how to plant them in the garden and in outdoor planters, and how best to care for them. Snowdrops You may have heard of the term ‘bulbs in the …

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Plant Bulbs, Bare Root Trees, and Winter Flowers in February in Mild Climates

Mild regions of the country will see rainfall in February, but even if the sky opens up, there will still be enough sunny days to plant bulbs, bare root trees and winter flowers and vegetables. Plant Summer Bulbs Bulbs that have been kept in cool, dry locations are ready to be planted. These bulbs include …

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