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10 Reasons Hiking and Camping Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution!

Every New Year, we hear people say a million different resolutions that will change their lives for the better. Some of the classic, cliché resolutions are to get in shape, save more money, travel more, or even find love. I believe if you commit to getting off the couch, and into the outdoors, you can …

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Treat Yourself to an Unplugged Day

It’s difficult to imagine life before smartphones, but I’m fairly certain it existed. Now our attention spans are shorter, our mental faculties – memory in particular – have been dulled like a knife used to cut frozen spareribs, and we let strangers make our decisions for us when they review products we’re considering purchasing or …

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How to Learn Anything with Focused Practice

In June, it feels that summer will last forever. The next few months stretch out in front of us and as the weather heats up and plants burgeon in gardens and in the wild, a feeling of possibility closes around us. The days are longer, kids are out of school, and we remember that we …

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