August 17th Birthday Love: Ted Hughes

from Night-Ride on Ariel

Your moon was full of women.
Your moon-mother there, over your bed.
The Tyrolean, the guttural,
Mourning and remaking herself.
It was always Monday in her mind.
Prouty was there, tender and buoyant moon,
Whose wand of beams so dainty
Put the costly sparkle
Into Cinderella. Beutscher
Moon of dismemberment and resurrection
Who found enough parts on the floor of her shop
To fill your old skin and get you walking
Into Tuesday. Mary Ellen Chase,
Silver nimbus lit, egg eyes hooded,
The moon-owl who found you
Even in England, and plucked you out of my nest
And carried you back to collage,
Dragging you all the way, your toes trailing
In the Atlantic.

-Ted Hughes

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