Attracting Hummingbirds Using Colorful Perennials

Green hummingbird with sparkling blue throat, White-tailed Hillstar, Urochroa bougueri, on a rainy day in Colombia. | Martin Mecnarowski

Are you wondering how to attract hummingbirds naturally? Maybe you have thought about what type of plants or shrubs you like to occupy that part of your yard that will help prime your hummingbird feeder. Here are some plant and shrub ideas that you may want to consider when attracting hummingbirds to your neck of the woods.

Keep in mind that hummingbirds are mainly attracted to flower colors and nectar, not fragrance. If you build a nice garden, local hummingbirds will become reliant upon what you plant in your yard, for they must feed 3-5 times a day. There may be times when nectar is not available from the plants and shrubs, which is why it is a good idea to hang hummingbird feeders throughout your yard for their feeding enjoyment.

* When mixing homemade nectar, remember to never, ever use food coloring, nor honey in your feeders. Honey can cause fungus which can be brutally fatal to your hummingbirds.

Below is a list of perennial plants, flowers and shrubs that may be of interest to you when you consider what to plant in your neck of the woods, to attract hummingbirds. We hope this will be of help to your success. Happy birding.

A Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hovering near a Bee Balm Flower | Brian Guest


* Bee Balm: Grows best in full sun, but can grow in shade.

* Columbine: The flower ranges between 1″ – 3″ and comes in every color imaginable.

* Foxglove: A beautiful purple, horn-type flower, perfect for hummingbird feeding.

* Red Hot Poker: Also known as the Torch Lily. Spikes 2-5 ” high with colors ranging from ivory white to coral read. Simply gorgeous! A favorite of hummingbirds.

Orange Hibiscus Flower also known as Jane Cowl Tropical Hibiscus, Queen-of-the-tropics. | noicherrybeans

Shrubs and Trees

* Lilac: These require maximum sun for full bloom and some shade for very hot areas of sun.

* Hibiscus: A pinkish – red flowery plant requiring a sandy soil that is rich so as to retain water table. A mulch on top of the soil will help the plant to maintain a consistent and constant moisture level in the summer months.

* Butterfly Bush : This is an easy grower. This China native plant can spike up to 15′ tall. Very multi-colorful plant ranging from blues to reds to purples with a great fragrance. The bush will grow in almost any soil with blossoms appearing in late summer.

These are just a few ideas to get you started that will help aide you in your garden and back yard areas when attracting hummingbirds. The final result be a lack of disappointment as hummingbirds and their friends frequent your plant life and your feeders. Happy Feeding!!!

Gary Freeman. I am a wildlife enthusiast living in Wyoming. I want to get the word out about wildlife preservation and natural insect control and care for the natural wildlife throughout North America and the world. For more, see my blog.

Source: Gary L. Freeman

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